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TEAM SCIENCE WORKSHOPS (Co-sponsored by ISCE, +Policy Network and Whole Health Consortium)

First of 3 in series:  Team Science 101.   This foundational workshop will introduce participants to “science of team science” --- a field dedicated to the study of the collaborative processes and outcomes of cross-disciplinary scientific teams and developing practical strategies to promote effective team science. Participants will learn about the characteristics of successful teams, team science competencies, and establishing and maintaining effective team processes.

  • Friday, October 27, 2023 from 10:00 to 11:30 am via Zoom
  • Register here by October 23, 2023. Zoom link will be provided to registrants.

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What is the +Policy Network?

The +Policy Network, formerly the Policy Destination Area, is a cross-university, interdisciplinary group that aims to raise the visibility of policy and policy-related research and practice across the University. We are dedicated to making research more "translation-ready" by helping faculty and graduate students consider policy considerations even at the start of the research enterprise (hence, the "+ Policy"). Since fall 2021, we are funded by and operate under the auspices of the Institute of Society, Culture and Environment (ISCE). A director and stakeholders who meet monthly direct activities.

Building capacity for policy research and development that connects STEM disciplines with the social sciences and humanities sets us apart from the "policy school" approach by leveraging our strengths in policy-related theoretical and methodological innovation and sophistication and the deliberate integration of policy considerations throughout the university, so as to advance the human condition in a just and equitable manner.

We view policy broadly as making decisions with wide-ranging or heightened impact under conditions of complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty. Under such frequently volatile and poorly understood circumstances, “policy” encompasses more than statutes, regulations, and court decisions, often producing outcomes with major social, economic, and environmental ramifications.

We work toward achieving our aims through several interlocked strategies and that also reflect the mission of our land grant University. These include concentration of focal areas that are in turn reflected in our research, graduate certificate program, or curriculum, and engagement. Specific initiatives or programs are listed below.


Focal Areas

  • General Item
    Energy & Environmental Policy

    Policies debated and made now affect generations to come. Perhaps in few areas is this more true than for energy and environmental policies - which are national, but also international, state and local - making them especially complex.

  • General Item
    Health Policy

    We view health policy as an ever-evolving, interdisciplinary field that traverses many disciplines including those traditionally within public health and medicine, as well as across liberal arts, architecture and planning, engineering, and others.

  • General Item
    Technology Policy

    We are poised to enter perhaps the most consequential decade in the history of humankind. The potential of innovative technologies for good or ill, unfolding within an acceleratingly interconnected yet diverging world that is undergoing dramatic climate and social changes, means that governance and policy decisions made today have outsized ramifications across every sphere of future human activity.